Chainsaw Games is a small game development studio, made up of two developers with years of experience. ZKILLER (a FPS shooter survival horror game set in a zombie apocalypse world) is its first project for PC and Android platforms. The studio is now working on a fast-paced multiplayer FPS game set in a Sci-Fi/Futuristic world. This project is under development in Unreal Engine 4 using C++ programming.

An army of zombies has driven humanity to the brink of extinction. The only thing standing in their way? You, as a fighter on a killing floor with a powerful weapon in your hand.
Mow down hordes of zombies and reignite the spark of mankind’s resistance!

ZKILLER is a first-person shooter survival horror video game set in a zombie-apocalypse world in which waves of brutal zombies try to kill you. Equip yourself with 30+ high-poly realistic weapons and blast over 21+ different types of infected beings.
ZKILLER is developed using the Unity3D game engine. The game features an advancement system, full-detailed environments and unlockable weapon and levels.

ZKILLER gameplay includes of player fighting through waves against hordes of zombies. As waves pass, the enemy count will surge, and different types of zombie are spawned with the final wave ending up in a boss fight. The player is equipped with four different weapon slots to be supplied with melee weapons, hand-guns, assault rifles, shotguns, light machine guns and grenades. Random ammo and health packs can be found by exploring the map, though the player has a limited amount of weight to carry. The player loses health when hit by zombies or by certain environmental hazards (i.e., explosions).

When players kill a zombie, they earn in-game experience points and money according to head shot, combo and melee kills. Zombie killer levels up when a sufficient amount of experience is obtained. The levels can be used to unlock maps and to buy different types of armory. To purchase a weapon, the player should reach a certain level and gather enough money. Achieving more head-shot kills may cause the game to enter an advanced slow motion time, a few seconds where all game actions for players and all zombies are slowed down, which for player can be used to carefully target their next shot or start a different procedure of action.

In 2020, a menacing conflict happened between the nations around the world, so every politician was thinking about Biological warfare. As an act of war, Biological warfare is the use of biological toxins or infectious agents such as bacteria, viruses, and fungi with the intent to kill or incapacitate humans, animals or plants.
Due to the development and use of nuclear weapons near the end of World War II and their subsequent acquisition and deployment by many countries, the potential risk of Biological warfare is a common theme in speculations of a third World War. The first country equipped with the bio-weapons is initiated World War III by release of a biological virus through the world. High-scale apocalypse with a gigantic number of casualties was the devastating result of this war.

Meanwhile, you are a fighter who survived. Survived to live long enough to see the future of human race. The human race is under extinction due to a virus called z0k0. Z0K0 kills people after a while and then transforms the people’s corpse to a zombie. Zombie is a walking corpse without any role of consciousness in it, and this thing is strongly interested in eating the flesh and drinking the blood. The blood of other living things like human… like you.
So, survive…
To survive, kill them all…

• ZKILLER is an astonishing FPS survival horror game, happens in an apocalypse world where waves of brutal zombies are going to butcher you
• As a survivor, kill them all to live long enough before the invasion comes toward you
• Shooting zombies lets you complete quests to rank up and unlock more cool items
• Shoot zombies so you can be the last one standing

• Zombies come in many forms with various killing abilities
• There are 21+ different types of enemy including mature and teenager zombies and also zombie dogs who they are strongly inclined to bite you in the game. Also, 5+ powerful and frightening bosses are impatiently waiting for you
• The zombies are not only brutal and strong but also very smart to find you wherever you hide using a powerful AI algorithm
• Shooting at the head is not always the best way to kill – think like a soldier before deciding to shoot

• The war against zombies happens at 5+ unlockable environments encompassing Urban City, Subway, Military Base, Space Station, Sci-Fi Laboratory and etc
• The maps are fully decorated with a huge number of post apocalypse and bloody objects
• The explosive barrels in specified locations of maps are substantial to blow up the zombies
• Random ammo and health packs at different locations will help you to survive more

• Equip yourself with a vast 30+ splendid high-poly realistic and powerful weapons including melee weapons, hand guns, assault rifles, shotguns, light machine guns and grenades
• Discover combat moves using various guns
• In order to survive, save ammunitions as much as possible until refill at the supply pods around the maps
• Shoot zombies in the head to enter an advanced slow motion time system and experience the killings slowly

• Experience AAA quality visuals and post processing with realistic lighting, full HD textures, bloom, enhanced contrast/color and ambient occlusion all running on 60 frames per second
• Enhanced particle systems and high quality shadows are boosting the game beyond imaginations
• The game is fully optimized which can be run on almost all available devices

• Ultimate metal and hard rock instrumental music in the game will raise your adrenaline to slaughter the zombies enjoyably
• Weapons and zombies have high quality 3D sound effects to represent their realistic aspects

In-game advertising has been an useful marketing tool recently, placing banners or video promos for specific items, that can be seen by all players.
In cooperation with Force Protocol Company (a cryptocurrency company which is providing users the online gaming community with decentralized P2P trading, anti-piracy protection, and the world's first honorary rewards system), we have developed and implemented a new advertising system in ZKILLER successfully. It is known as Dynamic Advertising Platform for non-intrusive ads in the game. This feature is automated and near-autonomous ad placements, allowing advertisers to virtually brand any game object, texture, image or video within seconds. The following video is highlighting the fully operational tech used in Spain for Domino's Pizza and AXN live campaigns.

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Chainsaw Games is an independent game development studio which is focused on developing cutting-edge quality and fun games for all platform and consoles.

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